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  • Since 1953 Mirabell has been producing high quality knitwear exclusively in Salzburg, where unique design and elegant, innovative color combination is a priority.

    Trained specialists guarantee the high standard of quality. Many production steps are made by hand. All trims, buttons, labels and shoulderpads are sewn by hand.

    Unique design, elegant and innovative colour combinations have always been in the foreground.

  • The original Mirabell-Jackets, Cuts and Blazers are made of pure Shetland Wool, proceeded into our Mirabell-Soft-Walk.

    All the processing and all the equipment is based on using environmentally friendly materials.

    We trust our taste, follow our passion and stand for highest quality.

  • The Mirabell-Jacket is a product of nature – perfectly balancing body temperature for all seasons throughout the year – even for cool summer days and evenings.

    Our production runs on a made-to-order basis, following all retail customer requirements con concerning to colour combinations, buttons and ornamental fasteners.